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10 Things Helps Your Property Attract Positive Feng Shui Energy

Vaibhav Rai

January 06, 2019 04:05 PM

The ‘energy’ or the chi must be the right kind to attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth. The key is to create the energy in the space to have better Feng Shui Philippines. But, is it possible to make energy?


To influence the force in your property, here are ten things you can consider in your space. Whether you are a homeowner or business mogul, Feng Shui plays a vital role.


  1. Avoid building a staircase in line with an opening.

When the staircase is line with the front door, the chi entering the house is bound to live the space as soon as possible. It drives the energy away and keeps it from spreading to other areas of the house. It’s important to encourage the chi to move and fill other spaces. If the energy doesn’t have a chance to settle in the area, luck and abundance in the won’t spread.


  1. Make sure each room has an opening.

The best source of light is natural light. Sunlight provides a healthy glow. The rays of the sun boost the supply of Vitamin D in the body. It also aids in photosynthesis. Without the sun, life on Earth will cease to exist.


Allowing sunlight in the space kills harmful microorganisms that contribute to the unwanted odor in the room. It cleanses the space and refreshes the air in the place. Other than the smell, the light provides a source of positive energy in the room by highlighting the dark areas. Emphasizing these areas removes stagnant chi in the area.


  1. Doors should not be directly in front of each other.

Entryway directly in front of each other creates unbalanced energy. Doors that aligned with each other pushes the force to rush out very fast without providing nourishment in the space.


To negate the rush, you can use an oval or circular table to slow it down. A live plant, especially flowers, will encourage the energy to flourish. It provides a smooth flow of energy that redirects it back indoors.


  1. The bedroom should provide space on each side of the bed.

The bed is the command point of the room. The floor area of the room should be able to fit a full-sized bed while still having space for each side. Having enough space on both sides creates a balanced energy in the place which is essential during sleep. It is during sleep when the body replenishes energy lost during the day.


  1. Each room should have its designated function.

The bedroom is for rest. The kitchen is for preparing food. You don’t sleep in the kitchen and you don’t cook food in the bedroom. There are times when we eat meals or study on our bed because of lack of space. However, dining on the bed throws the mind off balance. It gives you a hard time falling asleep as it makes the brain associate the action with other activities. It also disrupts the balanced energy in the space.



  1. Use the psychology of color.

Colors are a powerful influencer. Bright colors liven up space which can enhance positive energy. Yellow, for example, promotes creativity while orange encourages happy memories. Other colors dominate emotions while others influence productivity and effectiveness because of its effects on the body.


  1. Include Feng Shui items when decorating.

Feng shui items invite health, wealth, and prosperity at home. These things can come in the form of animals such as those included in the zodiac and those in Chinese mythology. The Laughing Buddha, Chinese coins, bells, a bamboo plant and wind chimes are other items you can include in your home. Each one has a corresponding effect regarding feng shui energy. It also has designated places which intensifies its effects.


  1. Refresh the air in the space.

You can never go wrong with fresh air. Allowing the room replace the oxygen in the place increases the quality of air in the space. It also refreshes the space with renewed chi. Opening the doors and windows allow the old energy to leave the area and make space for new ones.


  1. Water sources and plumbing should be in working condition.

Water affects health and finances. Hence leaks and continuously dripping waterworks makes your funds run to the drain. Moreover, water also influences emotions. Because emotions are extremely volatile, you are likely to make decisions that can negatively impact finances.


  1. Choose the right company.

The most important thing for business is surrounding you with people who want to see the venture grow and succeed. It’s best to surround the location with those working towards progress rather than those going against it. As much as possible, avoid people who are pessimistic on the matter. If you can’t, be the source of optimism to encourage others and transform their way of thinking. Through this, positive chi is more likely to spread and stay in the area.


These ten reminders apply to all real estate properties. Home living becomes harmonious when there is a balance in the energy. Business is likely to flourish in when positive chi stays. Placement of items and positions are critical to Feng Shui for business.