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7 Best Android App Store Alternatives to Launch Your App

Vaibhav Rai

January 05, 2019 05:57 PM

Are you an app developer looking to launch your app? Then the below list will help you definitely.

The Google Play Store is usually the go-to place for Android apps, but there are still a handful of app stores that can create at least a minimum value for your app in terms of additional revenue.

There should be a prime importance for Play Store, but you should look beyond Play Store too to create additional value that your app deserves. Let’s see now the list:

Top 10 Alternatives for Android App


  1. Amazon Appstore:

The best alternative to Play Store is definitely Amazon Appstore. Amazon Appstore is the prime marketing platform for Amazon’s Kindle line of tablets. Obviously there are less apps compared to Play Store, but every app passes through Amazon’s quality control standards.

For developers, Amazon Appstore could be an additional source of revenue. The app store offers the ‘free app of the day’ promotion advantage, which can help consumers get premium apps without any cost, and for developers, it helps to increase downloads. Since Kindle users are the primary customers for Amazon Appstore, some mobile application development companies who have their own smartphone apps in the bag optimize them for tablets to launch at Amazon Appstore.


  1. GetJar:

 At GetJar, apps are divided into categories and sub-categories, which eases the app discovery. GetJar offers premium apps at no cost to bring traffic and monetize that traffic with ads.

On the upside, developers will get attracted to virtual currency tie-ins, and the various promotional options offered by the platform to target new users. The submission process might take a while.


  1. Slide ME:

Slide ME has a global reach and a decent user base. It’s all apps pass through a rigorous quality control process. On the upside, it helps developers target a broader international audience. Its advanced search filter option helps apps get discovered easily. Slide ME ad network helps developers well monetize their app, which can be more than 70 percent of any app’s price.



  1. F-Droid:

F-Droid offers both free and open source software (FOSS) Android apps. The app store offers less profit, but ensures better reach. It is one of the recommended stores to create additional value for your app.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Apps:

 Samsung Galaxy Apps is the app store of smartphone manufacturer Samsung. Like most other app stores, Samsung Galaxy Apps offers 70% of app’s total value to app owner. Since it has app distribution facility in 125 countries, it is worth considering.


  1. AppsLib:

Created by Archos, AppsLib is currently offering more than 40,000 apps. Developers can offers their apps based on their targeted users’ devices. AppsLib also follows 70/30 deal.


  1. Mobogenie Market: 

Mobogenie Market offers a huge collection of curated apps. Mobogenie Market can take around 24 hours to review your app. And the revenue split is profitable 80/20 share. Originally developed in India, Mobogenie supports multiple languages.



Hope you have come across a helpful list. If you’re a mobile application development company looking to launch your app apart from on Google Play, I can say these are the best alternatives you can consider for additional revenue.