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Best iOS Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

Vaibhav Rai

November 20, 2020 12:23 PM

iOS, also known as the iPhone OS is an operating system designed by Apple Inc. specially for mobile phones. The operating system only works on the mobile phones and tablets produced by Apple. These devices include the iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod. XSOSYS provides application development services for iOS and offers customised applications that are able to run on the iPhone and iPad devices.

XSOSYS has a talented pool of iOS developers in its arsenal who are able to create all kinds of applications using the latest available technology. These highly customised applications include games, location based apps, mobile web apps, utility apps, business apps and any other apps that its clients can think of. The latest iOS version 8.3 was released on the 8th April 2015.

This new version has more than 4000 additional application program interfaces (APIs) that bring enriching functions to the applications. One of this is the WatchKit which gives the ability for the iPhone application to interact with the Apple Watch with much more functionalities than can imagine. This innovation leads to an entirely refreshing experience for iPhone users coupled with an Apple Watch.

XSOSYS’s team of iOS developers are constantly kept abreast with the latest technologies and are able to integrate such new technologies into the applications as soon as they are available. A WatchKit application on the Apple Watch consists of an additional WatchKit extension that executes on the paired iPhone. This WatchKit extension provides updates to the display on the Apple Watch and processes the selected actions by the wearer.

In short, WatchKit apps, Glances, and actionable notifications are three new features that a wearer of the Apple Watch can use. The WatchKit App enables the wearer to start, operate and use the application. Glances enable information to be displayed on the Apple Watch that the wearer can understand immediately with just a glance. It is important for the information to be short and precise as there is only limited space on the display.

Actionable notifications enable the wearer to receive a message and respond to the message at the same time by touching an available action on the display screen. This allows the wearer to react to an event quickly in cases that requires immediate response from the user. The main resources to develop an iOS application are the Xcode and the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). The current latest versions as of 1st September 2020 for Xcode and iOS are 11.7 and 12.0 beta 6 respectively.

XSOSYS’s developers are well-versed with the existing Xcode and iOS SDK. The programming language that is used to develop an iOS application is Objective-C. Although Objective-C is derived from the C programming language, it can only be used on the Apple platform such as the OS X and iOS operating system. XSOSYS’s developers are experts in Objective-C and have many years of experience working with the language.

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