Have you ever faced dilemma in making decisions whether it is personal or professional? Well it is a common problem that every individual faces someday or the other as no one is so perfect in making right decision.Everyone faces a situation where we have to take a decision for their life whether it is choosing a life partner or a good job or a good house or anything, big or small every decision affects your life in some or the other way. At times, in rush to achieve things soon we take our decision in haste which may turn out to be a wrong decision as we do not consider the significant aspects that may helped us in making right decision.

It is obvious that the decision you take may turn out to be right or wrong. That totally depends on how much you have evaluated the situation. It is necessary to consider all aspects practically. The outcome of your decision must not depends on what feels right as feelings sometimes changes dramatically one day to next day.

Here are some tips to which can help you to take right decision in your life.

1 ) Don’t fear of consequences: Don’t think too much about the consequences of your decision. Even great leaders had taken the wrong decision in their life but the fear of taking wrong decision and its consequences never stopped them from achieving success .We get to learn if we made a wrong decision. It helps us in future. You should be confident about your decision which you have made.

2) Consult an experienced person: It is a good thought if you take advice from someone who is more experienced than you as they may have faced such situation in their life once in awhile. They may not assure you for something but will help you out to take the decision good for you.

3)Don’t make a decision influenced by your emotions: Decision-making is a daily basis process, we anyhow come across it whether in our personal lives or at work or in any other situation. If we try to follow authentic decision-making guidelines then we can improve our decision making skills and learn to make confident, strong,successful choices.Don’t take a decision which is purely influenced from your emotions.Although there are times when there comes a place for emotional decision-making but those decisions often leads to a lack of explanation and justification.

4) Social pressure: If you think you are making a decision on the note what others want then think again. You must take a decision in favor of yourself which would help you further and not what others think or need. Don’t feel pressure and take decision quickly. It may lead to wrong decision which you may regret afterwards.

5) Have a Second opinion: Don’t stick to one decision. Find the other way out for your decision. You must try to have a second opinion about your decision as a backup plan.There are alternatives for each situation.Think about them and choose wisely what you want to choose.

6) Pros and cons : Take into account all the important facts whether it is good or bad , make a list of all and assess the implications of each outcome i.e. consider the risks of each outcome.Writing the pros and cons for each option is also one way to choose the correct decision for you. There is cons in every situation so rather than counting cons you must weigh which one is more significant.It is the old technique and also one of effective way to make a sensible decision.

7) Gut feeling : Lastly I must say the decision which you have taken by gut feeling is not always wrong. Sometimes it is good to listen what our instincts say as they are not always wrong.You can deal with any consequences of that decision which may or may not arise later on. In many cases, taking a bad decision is still a lot better than taking no decision at all.

I hope all these techniques will help you in taking better decisions in your life and and get success at each and every situation.

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