Want More Money Start Water Proof Labels and Tamper Proof Label

Tamper proof labels and Water proof labels are secure and anti-counterfeit labels that aid in detecting whether the label has been tampered with. These labels are two clear stickers that are put together with the help of a svelte strip which can be broken off very easily if someone tries to remove the label. Tamper proof label are primarily used for warranty seals and tagging of assets. There are two types of tamper proof label, the first one being the ‘Destructible Vinyl’ which starts chipping off if someone tries to remove the label. This leads to a label that is left to pieces when removed. The other type is ‘Void Polyester’ which is usually found in white or in a chrome silver shade, when detached, leaves the word ‘VOID’ in place of the label which denotes that the seal/ label has been removed and holds no value now. The label is fixed to the product by applying heat and breaks into tiny pieces if someone tries to tear the label off. This destructive feature of the label makes it difficult to switch authenticated labels with any other label. Water proof and tamper evident labels are incomparable in value for businesses that need authentication to their products or to their brand. These can help your business make more money by providing added security and acts as an add-on outlet to showcase your brand with your choice of size, colour and pattern of the label. First impressions often last the longest, why take a chance with using labels that are anything less than what your requirement is.

Tamper proof and Water proof Labels have various benefits that enable you to make more money. Some of these benefits are :

Highly Secure-
These labels are very secure as they are easily broken off and thus, let the owner know if the object has been meddled with. Since these are developed with the help of the newest technology and using the highest quality material, there are very low chances of the label rupturing without any external force.

Customisable –
After understanding the usage and requirement of the labels, they can be customized to suit the product or object. For example, the shape, size, patterns and colour combinations can be accommodated according to the product.

Highly Adhesive-
These labels are highly adhesive so it would not peel off unless someone willingly tries to tamper the label. In which case, it is self-destructive, leaving the word, ‘VOID’, behind to indicate that the label has been broken. Another feature is that is does not leave any adhesive material when it is peeled off which would leave the product looking unattractive and sticky. Its property of being water proof also prevents it from wearing off in case it comes in contact with water.

No-Scratch Body-
A no-scratch body ensures that the label stays intact and without any scratches while the product is being passed down. This makes sure that the label is not affected by any wear and tear of the package while also preventing it from looking unattractive.

Prevents Duplication-
One of the main benefits of using these labels is that it differentiates your brand and products from other counterfeit products. This in turn increases your brand’s credibility and market value. Through this, customers also begin to recognize your products with the help of these labels and choose your products over other counterfeit or competitors’ products.

Labels are often underestimated and categorized as basic functional pieces but labels also play a very important role in marketing of the products. Most of the labels that are printed are used to provide important information to the customers but it can be made recognizable so that it is associated with your brand every time that it is applied on your product. Tamper proof labels reinforce customer belief in your brand and contribute to building a better identity for your business thus increasing your sales and revenue.

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