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Current SEO techniques for improving page rank

Vaibhav Rai

January 03, 2019 10:44 PM

SEO known as search engine optimization is a process of setting a website in a manner that attracts most users to it and get ranked on top three ranks of any search engine. SEO techniques are changing from time to time so it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO techniques as they are the factor that decides where one website should be ranked on a search engine.

Latest SEO techniques

  1. Mobile optimization

As mobile phones are becoming popular day by day so it is important to make a website that can be viewed easily on the mobile phone. So make sure that your website content is properly visible to both mobile viewers and desktop viewer, also can be easily accessed on the mobile and desktop computers. Mobile phone searches has overtaken desktop search informed by official Google statement, action is taken online within hour 70 times out of 100 after mobile phone search according to and local information is search by 95% of mobile users according to, these researches show the importance to have mobile friendly website.

  1. Social presence

Right now it is very important for everyone to have a social media presence because this is where user spent majority of their time and these social media presence has become important part of search engine results as we can see whenever you try to Google any celebrity or company so in the first 3 search engine result you will find their social media presence. It has become a must for anyone who wants to get ranked higher to have a presence at social media sites in order to promote their material and maximize your chances to bring majority of traffic to your sites.

  1. Videos content

Videos are also becoming a massive part on search engine ranking as whenever you try to search for some tips, events and sports matches result you find at least one video related to it on the top 3 page ranking. Also Google have dedicated a specific button for video on its search engine where you will find relevant videos to your keyword. Video make 62% of the searches made on Google according to marketing, get 50 times better rank on Google search engine and receive 41% more click-through rate contrast to text results according to and respectively.


  1. Voice search

Every mobile has a voice search function and companies like Microsoft and Apple have launched their voice assistance that will perform different task. On Google search engine there is an option for voice search which is preferred by people who do multitasking so it is important to have keywords that are exclusively for voice searches, it is becoming common in mobile phone users as it consumes less time and effort so it might become the medium for searches on website and website designers should pay attention to it as it might become the decisive factor in page rank system.

  1. Local SEO

The local SEO is gaining its importance as a main factor to get your page ranked higher because Google is now showing people the search results that are close to their location that’s why Google is asking you about your business location because people mostly go to the places that are close to them and whenever you try to find any food related company it shows you the 3 best reviewed companies near your location. We can see how important it is to localize your SEO.

  1. Outsource

Now there are many websites who are providing SEO services to their customer so you can take help from these services where SEO experts are available 24 hour who are constantly up to date with all the current SEO techniques and know every technique to get your page ranked higher on search engine and for SEO students who are facing difficulties so these services also provide online assignment help.


SEO is the best and the free way to promote yourself and attract new customers if you get ranked higher in the page so we have discussed some tricks above that helps your chances in appearing on the first page of search results. These are common and current tricks which will get you ranked in the first page of any search engine.