Hard money lenders online.

Vaibhav Rai

December 27, 2018 05:45 PM

Actively participating in the initial ground work towards a larger build up to reach an end goal is the basis of creation and determination for solopreneurs while emphasizing this “self-made” aspect of success. When looking at these so-called self-starters and how they can achieve ultimate potential in their small business, many factors play into their successes and failures in their solo ventures.  

No matter the nature of the business, start-ups often need outside sources of money to guarantee maximum efficiency in the beginning phases. Often, a lack of past business history or inability to prove future success makes it hard to obtain traditional business loans, leaving hard money loans as an alternative for many.

Unlike traditional bank loans, hard money sources from private lenders can typically pose a higher risk of loss and failure since it is based on collateral rather than credit. Hard money is accessible, and the appeal is in the speed and lack of strict guidelines in playHard money lenders online pose a threat with their allure which targets individuals with little to no business history and those who are unable to go through the mainstream channels of traditional loans due to their personal information or past business failures.

The availability and accessibility trick many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs into assuming their safety in the transaction which could otherwise be provided from organizations like the Small Business Administration. Hard money loans typically exploit safety nets the SBA establishes such as disaster relief, health care, setting up proper departments within a business, and other aspects which can be overlooked in the early phases.

Without structure, it is easy to overlook areas which pertain to benefits for employees without exploiting the workers involved in the startup process. Many businesses collapse without proper planning of finances, accounting, technology and customer service because they are distracted by the immediate financial urgency to get their plans in motion.  


Success is not always just contingent upon substance and content, putting those with limited resources-both economic and social-at a disadvantage, even when they have a solid business to offer. Technology, proper departments, financing, and access to certain demographics can deter many from accomplishing what they set out for.  

In order for a small business, starting from nothing, to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace, making secure decisions to ensure fiscal reliability and security for those involved in the business is crucial to the long-term effectiveness of the business in question.

According to Marco Cabrajo at the U.S. Small Business Administration, startups need five things in order to succeed: people, plan, process, product, and profit. While not all have the means to initiate these phases, all are necessary for full fruition. When third parties, with little to no interest in the actual plans and potential of the individuals who risk a lot to succeed in their businesses, ethics slip away to leave more room for greed and dishonesty. For small business to be able to see a long-term goal, it is important that the smaller cogs of the greater machine can function as separate parts, as well as contribute to the workings of the bigger whole.

Certain widespread reforms that effect the ways in which business can acquire money and deem certain aspects of their business expendable can create an unclear idea of where money is being allocated to and risks diminishing the efficiency of business in certain industries. This creates a cycle of putting many at risk to fall victim to the desire of hard money lenders online and in other easily accessible places. While disparities in opportunity still prevent many from accessing support to enquire proper structure and care of their businesses, hard money loans perpetuate the inequity that continues to destroy small business and put individuals in a state of immobility and inability for a chance of success.