Writing and Speaking

How content writing plays a significant role in communicating your brand voice?

Vaibhav Rai

November 13, 2019 10:38 AM

Communication is the key to all our human endeavours. We are able to discuss, convey, elaborate and question the nature of things via communication. It is important to understand the various ways and methods, through which communication happens in a business. Since there is no one on one interaction, there can be various instances of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is imperative to correctly convey your ideas and intent to your users and visitors. This is achieved via a company’s brand voice.

No, it’s not similar to Apple’s ringtone; rather, a brand voice encompasses the personality of a company. As humans, social beings, we all have a certain persona, a personality which is enough to explain the people about ourselves. Our personality is representative of our choices, beliefs and ideas, similarly a business, also needs a persona to mediate its ideas. This mediation is extremely important to gain credibility in the market and to come across as trustworthy brand.

To be precise, a brand voice is a uniform selection of words, values and ideas while addressing its audience. Through the right selection of words and sentence construction, your brand voice can mediate your brand’s personality and help your users to understand your brand more effectively. It also builds a connection between your business model and its users. In a sense, a brand is like an artificial person who has to have a magnanimous personality that not only makes it stand apart but also conveys its ideas through its personality.

The next question arises, how can your brand voice reach to the audience? Through your content! It could be over a phone call, through a letter, tagline, newsletters, etc. your brand voice should be so distinctive that just by seeing it, people recognize your brand. It presents itself at every customer touchpoint so that your users become aware of this pattern; these ideas are mediated through your brand voice. Content writing plays a significant role in shaping your brand voice. Here’s a list of a few ways in which content writing can help you communicate your brand voice.

1.Helps in auditing- Your brand voice, as mentioned above, is representative of your personality. Your content, if carefully chosen helps in creating a pattern that makes your brand voice unique and distinct. For example, certain phrases, proverbs that reflect your brand’s values can be used to in a sense, to create a pattern that familiarizes the user. So, the next time they see it, it immediately resonates with your business image. They are reminded of your business, and they immediately connect the dots.


2.Helps you drive traffic – Your content represents your ideas, and thus it mediates your ideas to the users. Thus, the right kind of content helps in grabbing and sustaining the user’s attention. They are more likely to believe the written content than any other futile promises. This helps you drive traffic towards your site. Since the users know what to expect, they are aware of your brand’s qualities; they are more likely to get attracted by you.


3. Establishes your message – Your brand voice is the mediator between your company and its users and like humans, misunderstandings can arise, if not taken care of. This problem is precisely solved by content writing services. It does the talking for you so that there is no scope for confusion and misunderstandings. Although your content should be clear and attractive to achieve this, it lays bare your identity as a business personality and helps your message conveyed to a larger audience. It is clear enough that how important it is to get your message across as clear and honest.


4.Enhances your tone- While writing, the tone in which it is written plays a significant role in enhancing your content. Your tone is reminiscent of your intent. For the purpose of a brand voice, it is important to employ a conversational tone, which is easy and friendly. It should not at any level represent a power dynamic, instead should be an attempt to come across as an approachable and faithful enterprise. It is only through your content, can you convey your tone, because voice modulations, does not hold significance all forms such as blog posts, website, etc.


5.Helps in creating a distinctive persona for your business- The words, make you or break you! Your brand voice is who you are, and that should come across as something unique and distinctive. The content used in your brand voice plays a major role to play in this enterprise. It is via your content that you come across as this new and different business model. It mediates your uniqueness and helps you in creating a distinctive personality that makes your business stand out.


6.Helps in converting your brand voice into action- This means that the right content not only grabs the user’s attention but also helps in the action! Look at the brand chart.

The above-mentioned tricks help your audience in subscribing to your profile. The content helps in results as well. As a result of these content writing techniques, your business not only attracts new visitors but also generates confidence. It helps you create business presence in the digital market which is currently facing an ongoing struggle to retain user’s attention.Digital marketing is a great way to achieve action-oriented goals.


7.Makes your brand voice memorable – Have you seen the brand voice of Coca Cola or Lays? They clearly adopt a certain persona and represent it through their fun and rhyming content. All of their advertisements, online stuff has this similar style of content which helps in attracting more and more users. Your content, if it is interesting, helps in making your business memorable. Easy on the lips and therefore easy on the brain. Easy and interesting catchphrases make your brand memorable. People can easily resonate with the words and specific style of sentence construction and connect with your business model.

So, now you know the importance of content writing in creating your business voice. There is a need to put emphasis on your content to carve out your niche in the market. The market is tussling with attention, and it is the dream of almost every business to stand apart as something unique. This uniqueness is reflected in your brand voice, which in turn is reflected through a variety of creatively chosen words.

It is your content that makes or breaks you, and it is precisely very important because it is present in all forms of your mediations. Your blog posts, webpage, newsletters, everything has a certain style of content.

Thus, it is important to focus on these nuances of content writing. You can employ easy techniques to enhance your content. The best idea is to keep up-you-date with the ongoing trends, such as hashtags or Integra challenges; that way, your content does not get boring at any point in time.

Keeping up with trends adds that fun element to your content but that does not mean that you evade seriousness. Try to create a balance of both and come up with meaningful content for your brand voice. It is the only way to create your dominion in the market.