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How to maintain Your Water Heaters to run for long time

Vaibhav Rai

December 27, 2018 10:35 PM

Water heater maintenance will help extend the life of this appliance and reduce costly repairs. Routine maintenance is important to help it run efficiently and economically. To help water heater operate better and increase longevity, you need to follow a simple maintenance routine.

Drain your water heater

Flushing sediment from the tank improves its efficiency and lifespan. As water is pumped into your heater tank, dirt, sediment and various minerals settle at the bottom. These can rob the efficiency of your water heater. They make your heater work harder and allow the tank to get rusted and slowly be eaten away. It is recommended to drain the water heater regularly to prevent sediment from forming inside the tank. It should be drained every year.

Lower the temperature

Adjust the thermostat on your water heater to 120 degrees. For every ten degrees reduction, you can save 5 % of your energy bills. Keeping the water heater at the correct temperature is important as most manufacturers recommend setting the temperature below 120 degrees Fahrenheit for safety and efficiency. It also helps in the reduction of energy costs.

Check the temperature and pressure relief valve

You need to check the temperature and pressure relief valve annually and replace it every three years. This is very important because the valve is a key safety feature of the water heater. Test it by quickly discharging it 2-3 times and then check for small leaks from the valve. If you experience leaks in the pressure valves, be sure they are tightened correctly.

Examine Anode Rod

Unscrew the rod by fitting 1 – 1/6 h inch socket onto the rod`s hex head. Buy a new one if it is coated with calcium or the rod is less than half inch thick. Replace the rod if more than 6 inches of the core steel wire is exposed.

Insulate your pipes


Insulate the first few feet of hot and cold water pipes connected to your water heater.

Consider buying a new one

If you are using the conventional water heater then consider purchasing energy efficient one which uses a different energy source or fuel. There are many energy efficient options available in today`s market like Residential water heaters ( Gas and Propane water heaters, Electric water heaters, Tankless water heaters, hybrid water heaters, solar water heaters) and Commercial water heaters ( gas fired, electrical, heat pump, solar).

An electric heat pump water heater is more energy efficient when compared to electric conventional storage water heater. Electric heat pump may have lower energy bills than a gas fired conventional storage water heater though gas rates may be lower than electricity.
High Efficiency Storage Tank Water Heaters are the most energy efficient. Standard water heaters have an energy factor number of about .50 – .60. High Efficiency water heaters have an EF (Energy Factor) of about .62. Those High Efficiency water heaters with Energy Star certified have EF of .67 higher.

Solar water heaters are cost effective way to generate hot water for your home as they use Sun`s energy which is free and available easily. Solar water heaters can cut your water heating costs by half when compared to standard water heaters.

Solar Water heaters in UAE

If you are living in the country UAE, solar water heaters would be very useful as it’s climate is mostly based on high temperature heat due to the region is mostly covered with deserts. Solar water heaters are quite famous in UAE and there has many suppliers and manufacturers around the region and you can buy solar water heaters in Dubai at affordable prices and they will come to your home to fix it quickly. Undoubtedly It will save your electricity cost and make you more relaxed.