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How to Optimize Your Site for AI-powered Updated Google Algorithm?

Vaibhav Rai

January 06, 2019 12:54 PM

Today artificial intelligence is a buzz word in both the business world and day to day life. Thought it is still in budding stage, its wave already made some impacts in the form of automation. From marketing to sales, and manufacturing to healthcare, AI is everywhere.

When it comes to SEO, you may have heard of Google’s latest algorithm RankBrain. RankBrain helps Google process search results and provide more relevant results for users. Because of RankBrain, some traditional SEO rules may no longer apply.

Google has been improving its algorithm from time to time, focusing at providing more accurate search results that real users are looking for. The existing algorithm is being driven by keyword matching, but artificial intelligence works beyond the keywords, giving more preference for visual contents like videos, audio clips and images.

Google’s AI powered algorithm can look more into users’ browser history, location, bookmarked websites, and time and location of the user to give more personalized results. Below are the some ways to optimize search results for AI-powered algorithm.

4 Ways to Optimize SEO for AI


  1. Video optimization

Videos are among the most consumed digital contents online. Just remember your Facebook timeline, how may videos you would see out of 10 posts. I am sure that that is more than 7. Even searching, videos have got a primary position.

Till date videos have been ranked based on the Meta tags that were optimized. But the adoption of AI may change this habit. With image processing and natural language processing power, search engines can crawl the content of the video. So SEOs may even requisitely need to add keywords in their videos as well.


  1. Improving content quality

Though Google has been in various efforts to understand the intent of contents to provide more accurate results, it has been partially successful. But the AI-powered, improved algorithm can eliminate this hassle as AI comes with natural language processing power that can compare even complex phrases to different parameters and circumstances that can result in providing more accurate results.

  1. Link Relevancy

Google Penguin update that was released in April 2012, was focused on penalizing sites that used to rank through spam backlinks like links from inappropriate category or different category sites.

For example, you’re a mobile app development company and you get links from app review sites and classifieds that show mobile app development companies’ list according to region, company size, and the cost of app developers, etc.This would be boost for your ranking effort. But if you get links from fashion, manufacturing or any other irrelevant sites, you may get penalized.

  1. Voice Search

Voice search has already gained importance with Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. In fact, voice searches are more obviously different from text searches. For example, if you need a mobile app development company to develop an app, you type “best mobile app development companies in Dubai, USA, UK, or company in your preferred location. But voice searches less likely to happen like this. You most probably search like “what are the best companies to develop mobile apps in India”. Make sure you’ll have a fine-tuned strategy for voice searches too.


Apart from the above impacts, smart algorithms may also easily detect black hat techniques.So SEOs who are ranking through black hat techniques might need to be ethical as soon as possible, otherwise they may face big setbacks in rankings. AI changes are really taking place, just we have to adapt to that.