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Keep Your Individual Chats Safe with Whatsapp Pin Feature

Vaibhav Rai

January 05, 2019 05:37 PM

After launching an amazing feature which is known to be the live status feature, WhatsApp is working on to add an interesting feature that will allow the folks to pin their needed chats to the Whatsapp profile page. This feature is already available on the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, but none of the gigantic messaging apps offers this as of now. If WhatsApp introduces this feature to it platform in the upcoming days, then it will become a more popular one as compared of that before. At present, the feature is being tested and it is in beta stage. This feature is expected to be released by the end of this year.This beta version of WhatsApp can be downloaded from Google Play store if a person is a developer or he/she has enrolled themselves for the beta releases from WhatsApp. This amazing pin feature on the top feature is available for the updated version of WhatsApp. Some version numbers are provided with this app and it continues till the app releases its final stable pin feature rolls out to the consumers.


This pin feature allows the folks to pin maximum of three favorite chats on the home screen of the app.  In order to pin the chat, one needs to long press on the individual or the group chat with the instant pin option. One needs to select the pin symbol and the favorite chat will find its unique way always on the top. One can also unpin the chats by following a set of procedures in the app. This feature is likely to be added to both iOS and the Android versions. If a person presses and holds on a chat, this pin option will be popped up. This pressing will ensure that chat will be stable at the homepage of WhatsApp. At a situation, only three chats can be pinned at any one time.


What are the five handy hacks in WhatsApp?

Star a Message

First, double-click on a message and click the star option in order to save it and later to find it for some other important means.

Find your favorite WhatsApp friend

If you want to find the person whom you chat most of the time, it is easier to find out. In an iPhone, one can find a list of contacts that use up the most storage on the phone. In other words, we can say that the person who you message the most.  For the Android users, the procedure can be followed up by the email chat.

Frustrated by the default photos and videos- No worries

The photos and videos sent through the WhatsApp are saved automatically without the knowledge of the user. In order to avoid this, one disables the option of incoming media.

Mute a group Chat

The group chats can automatically take off the battery’s life. If you are not interested to read all the conversations in a group but don’t want to leave the group, it is simple just open the conversation you want to mute, click on the contact or group’s name, and press mute. This mute option ha several sub options like eight hours, one week and one year. It totally depends on the folks; the decision whether to choose for about eight hours, one week or one year. The folks who are using Android just need to press on the chat until a cross symbol appears on the chat screen.

Export Conversations

If you don’t wish to lose a chat history, simply export it. For the Android users, just click on the email chat from the menu option. The folks who are using Android, just tap on the contact and press the export chat.

Compose and send messages through Siri


In order to reduce the burden of typing longer messages, one can simply instruct the virtual assistant to give a look at the recent messages from their friends, colleagues, and relatives. This feature is only possible for the folks who are using iPhone. For this updating, just move on to the App store. There are several new update options available for folk’s convenience. The new WhatsApp update is about eighty-nine megabytes in size and there are four important key updates. Initially, it brings the capability to Siri to be an updated one. One can also ask Siri to give a view to the particular contact messages and the iOS assistant will also do the needful. The unknown fact is that Siri and WhatsApp have a tie-up from a long time. Siri is in collusion with WhatsApp has disclosed a new feature.

One can both compose and send messages in WhatsApp through Siri, the virtual assistant and this update artificial intelligence assistant will follow your instructions. On the other side of the flip, one can compose and send the messages; one can dictate the message to the person they wish to send and the virtual assistant will compose in a unique way. It also ensures that WhatsApp message is sent without any need of typing. The gigantic messaging service has also bought many amazing features like call tabs, contact information, and group information screens. At the same time, one can also select multiple statuses in the profile screen and one can also able to forward it or delete it.

Recently, the messaging platform has bought support for the Persian language. The update has also bought availability for the consumers with iOS of updated version. The gigantic messaging service has bought these features to Android and it may rock the Play Store in future.

Whether WhatsApp is going to expand into other markets?

WhatsApp which is a great communication app owned by Facebook which is going to start its digital payment service in India and also started its move to going to expand into other markets. The company is looking forward to leading the digital transactions all over the world. Recently, there has been a huge volume of growth in digital transaction volumes. The company is also looking to earn a good fame from its messaging service and also trying, to sum up, the services that could be monetized. A year above, WhatsApp had said it would test the procedures that allowed consumers in order to communicate with business and the organizations through its platform.

We all do have our own personal space and would like to maintain that there are instances that we want certain things to be known to just the two of them who are involved in the conversation. WhatsApp has allowed sending innumerable texts and media files to our near and dear ones. There are situations where we want to have our own privacy and would like to have the chats to be confidential. It is a fact that people do share personal and confidential information and it is important that it is safeguarded. So, the tech geeks have designed a feature for us to make sure that the messages are safe and secure. Folks, next time when you will receive an update, you can expect to have an option on the home screen of the app which will allow you to lock each individual chat with a pin code to make sure that the information shared is known only to you and no one else.

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