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Palmistry The Meeting of Science and Tradition

Vaibhav Rai

January 06, 2019 02:44 PM

Palm Readers over the years have diligently encouraged people to accept Palmistry and how this field can open people’s minds. With the advancements of Science today, people have closed their minds into practices that are not scientific. Unfortunately, people now consider Palmistry to be one of those unscientific practices. Palm reading is now slowly slipping out of people’s imagination.

It may surprise you, but Palmistry is a field where science and traditions meet. First, Palmistry’s scientific secret lies with lines. Yes, palm lines. These palm lines represent a specific traditional component that is also physically connected to an individual’s particular body part. That in return denotes that Palmistry is a field that uses both tradition and Science. How incredible is that?
Since we have been talking about palm lines intersecting both Science and tradition, it is a must that we acquaint ourselves with these mysterious lines.

1. The window to a human’s emotions is the Heart Line. Palm Readers call this the Heart Line because it mirrors an individual’s love and attraction. It does so because this is indirectly associated with an individual’s heart health physically. The form of the Heart Line directly denotes how the blood pressure of a person behaves. With that, depending on the individual’s heart rate Palm Readers can analyze the tendencies of a person when it comes to their romantic issues and attractions.

2. The Head Line represents the mind and how it works. This line shows a person’s mental capability and style of communication, learning, and intellectualism. It is possible because this line represents the right and left brain of an individual. Therefore, depending on the form of this line, the mental tendencies of a person can be known by the Palm Readers.


3. The Life Line represents a person’s general well-being, cheerfulness, and physical health. This line’s shape shows how much stress a person is experiencing. With that, Palm Readers will be able to demonstrate how this level of stress shown by the Life Line will affect the individual’s vitality and vigor.

4. The Simian Crease, on the other hand, is the intersection of the Heart Line and Head Line. Given the physical representation of both lines, the form of the Simian Crease both represents an individual’s reasoning nature and emotional capability. With that, this line will present to you how committed a person is. Moreover, it can show how mentally and emotionally stable an individual is.

5. Last but not the least is the line that represents a person’s life experiences. It is known as the Fate Line. Unfortunately, the Fate Line is from beliefs and tradition. There is no physical evidence how this line came into the field of Palmistry.

Palm Reading is a product of summing up all the analysis made by the Palm Readers from all those lines above. It’s easy. Depending on what the shape of the Heart Line is, we can directly denote how emotionally capable a person is. The Head Line, in turn, shows us how a person learns and grows in his or her environment. Sum it up with the Heart Line, and you can already get some ideas about the emotional and mental tendencies of an individual. After that, continue analyzing the other lines and there you go, you will be able to get a hint of your bright and socially credible future.

A belief is always going to be just a belief without Science. Mix with it a little Science, and you get a fact out of it. Now, that’s what Palmistry is. It is something with a little bit of mystery and a little bit of Science.