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Reward the students with the best customized wooden trophies

Vaibhav Rai

January 06, 2019 03:47 PM

The feeling to win something for your efforts is mind blowing and worth praising. Be it any competition or achievement winning any sort of appreciation would mean a lot.

Competitions held in school? It is pretty obvious that not everyone wins. What about the participants? No matter what but the kids also need to be appreciated.

Participation trophies stand for their effort and hard work. Rewarding the participants can boost them and set a pride amongst them. Doing such an effort would let them know they did a good job, and leaves a positive impact on the kids. Parents also think that a participation award is a great method to encourage kids to be active and perform better ahead.


Performing your best in any task is good enough. And both the parents and teachers agree that it’s right to award a “thank you for trying.” This thank you can be in the form of wooden trophies specially meant for students. Awards are not only meant for winners, but for the slow players also. This could justify that you are setting yourself up for success. Participation trophy may not be required every time, but there’s is also not a proper call for the removal of each participation trophy.



Kids receiving participation awards know very well that they didn’t win, as their trophies are not as big, similar or nice as the winners. But wooden trophies exporter in Delhi makes sure to design best trophies for the participants as well. Customized trophies can reflect happiness to the participants and it makes them proud enough. This way, they also get something to show to their grandparents, friends, parents and the family. It also leaves an impression to perform much better and win and work hard to stand at the winner’s place holding that bigger trophy. Winning let them know that their hard work pays off. If they lose, still they are rewarded with something that acts as a motivational tool for them to come back and try again.



Maybe you always stand at first place and are best at everything. But make sure it doesn’t build a picture of self-confidence and stop you from learning more. As it is well said- “Everyone learns better from their failures.” So if you lose or fail in any competition, don’t be sad or depressed, as still you are being awarded the participation trophy. Everyone should work hard and perform well in their task. Rest the Wooden Trophies Supplier do their best in providing your kids with the best of trophies for their hard work.


Compliment the efforts of the kids. Provide them with productive feedback. Don’t take examples in which you put someone down knowingly to lift yourself up. Make them know that “Everyone can improve, and get a chance also.” May it is for the present or for the coming future, the teachers and the parents should always teach well to the kids. As kids can be moulded easily, and so it gets easy to blew a positive and learning capsule to them.


Finally, it Depends

Balance is the key. There may be many reasons that kids shouldn’t be awarded the participation trophies but, at the end of the day, you will get to know doing such an effort act as a motivational tool for the kids in performing better next time.

Kids lacking encouragement or self-confidence need not worry as this tool will help and boost you up to work hard and reach the full potential. Avoid giving something that could be meaningless and would do no change for the kids. For this reason, Wooden Trophies Manufacturer in Delhi gets to know your design and requirement and provide you with such encouragement tool.

So whenever you give such participation trophies, make sure it goes in the right way as you planned off. Communicate well with the kids and let them know the reason behind doing such an effort. And it is pretty sure that the more you encourage the kids to be active, the better they will be.