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Spain for Shopping Best Fashion Boutiques in Malaga

Vaibhav Rai

December 29, 2018 05:31 PM

Spain is the country of interesting fashion rules. Here are five tips to help you to look like locals. Is there special dress code in Spain? Here are a couple of rules and recommendations to follow:

1 : Say no to shorts.

In Spain, wearing shorts is a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist. Locals always wear pants, or skirts, and dresses that go past their knees. According to the dress code in Spain, it is common for both men and women to wear nice trousers or jeans on a daily basis, despite the heat. Shorts are mostly acceptable at the beach, but if you are travelling around the city, it is better to stick to long pants. Don’t be afraid of pants! It can be made of lightweight cotton.

2 : Dress conservatively.

Of course, you think that Spain is a somewhat conservative country. Modesty is valued highly. Conservative doesn’t mean that Spaniards aren’t stylish. They always take great care to dress well. It just means that such clothes items like tank tops or miniskirts are good for weekends out late with friends. Casual T-shirts and sweatshirts should also be avoided if you want look stylish.

3 : Don’t be flashy.

Bright colors and patterns will make you stick out in Spain. Locals in Spain prefer muted and conservative colors. If you want to look up-to-date in Spain, wear subdued colors and discreet patterns. Just leave the logos or printed words at home! Men should always wear polo or button down shirts when out on the town. Typical clothing for women dictated wearing dresses and conservative tops.

4 : Leave your tennis shoes at home.

Wearing tennis shoes can be convenient for your feet but in Europe it looks like Hello! I’m American! It doesn’t matter how hip or cool your shoes are: you shouldn’t wear them in Spain. Instead, wear nice sandals or leather shoes with rubber soles. And always wear dress socks with your shoes.

5 : Leather and fur are in.

It won’t take you long to notice that leather and fur play prominent roles in how people dress in Spain. Travelling in Spain, you’ll need to bring some sort of jacket. During the summer months you should pack a light sweater or coat to stay warm on chilly nights. If you’re planning to spend time during the fall or spring, consider investing in a leather jacket.

6 : Malaga Fashion

Malaga is the most exotic Spanish city not only by the name. The fashion here is cheaper than somewhere in Spain but still impressive. This is a home for fantastic fashion boutiques where you can buy shoes, accessories and a range of clothing styles from some of Spain’s top designers. Even better, the most of them are located in the city’s beautiful old town and along a promenade in the stunning, recently-renovated port. You need a car to go shopping if you want to shop all available boutiques in the downtown. Sure enough, the best way of travelling in the city and around is car. You are recommended to use under 21 car rental agp airport location to rent a car for the period of your shopping vacation.

7 : Maitina’s

Maitina’s is one of the best friendly fashion boutiques in Malaga. So, what you can find here is not only good shopping but free cup of coffee. The boutique is relatively new to the city’s shopping scene. It is just few years. It was opened by an entrepreneur who lived in Los Angeles before. As a result, the style of the shop is not traditionally Spanish, but international and modern. Maitina’s is located far from the Malaga’s shopping district in one of the city old parts. You can enjoy shopping here.

8 : Intropia

The shop is located in the city old district to be good for shopping and touristic walks. Intropia offers smart-casual attire for women and a good range of accessories as well as garments for special occasions. The prices are not cheap, but you have a chance to buy items from popular Spanish designers.

9 : Athenee

Meet one of the most popular stores among local fashion-lovers. This classy boutique is known for the range and quality of its clothing and for the friendliness of the proprietor, Patricia. The clothes from here are good for chic, elegant evening dresses and other items of clothing for smart events. Just down the street from Intropia and the beautiful Plaza de la Constitucion, the shop occupies a site in the heart of Malaga’s fashionable shopping district.

10 : Calle Marques de Larios

The old town’s grand fashion street boasts many interesting shops. You feel like in Paris here. Calle Larios is lined with super-smart fashion boutiques and the city’s best shoe shops. You can buy everything on Larios. If you are not on budget traveller, welcome to the street! It is a paradise for shoe lovers, being home to plush outlets of Spanish designers such as Nicola and Antonio Parriego.


With the possible exception of bohemian Granada, a shop that is called the shop of non-toxic fashion would seem bizarrely out of place in any other big Andalusian city. This trendy little boutique is all about clothing that doesn’t harm the environment. You can find clothing for men, women and children from a range of ecological, sustainable designers, such as market leaders Wear Your Waste, Ethletic and Manifesto Eco.

Paseo del Muelle Uno

Malaga’s recently-renovated port area is now one of the city’s most attractive public spaces and, happily, also one of the best places to shop. Running along the eastern flank of the port down to the Malagueta beach is Muelle Uno, a spacious walkway lined with fashion boutiques, bars and restaurants. You can also watch the giant cruise liners come and go on their voyages around the Mediterranean. There is also the beautiful Palm Garden of Surprises promenade to stroll along after you’ve finished raiding Muelle Uno’s boutiques. This is the greatest touristic place – all inclusive: beautiful views, shopping and excursions.