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Study Environment for Indian Students in France

Vaibhav Rai

April 09, 2020 12:18 AM

Studying in France is a wonderful experience. France has many old institutions and universities that offer superior education and exquisite courses in art, science, technology, innovation and more. France has some of the world’s best education and research institutions like Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS). From various polls, France is ranked among the topmost innovative countries. France comes in the most preferred destinations for studying for international students. In recent years, the number of overseas students in France originating from India has increased. Several Indian students have chosen France for higher education. We shall now see why France is such a fine destination to study there and the environment for Indian students in France.

Why choose France?

From the perspective of an Indian Student, there are several reasons to study in France such as:

  • Lower cost as compared to USA and UK with similar quality education.
  • Easier visa process
  • Rich culture
  • Great destinations and sites to visit
  • You are able to learn a great deal apart from studies
  • Mix culture society
  • Option to work on a part-time basis while studying
  • Many scholarships for international students

Study Environment for Indian Students

Students studying in a French institution or university are exposed to the superb French culture in their daily student life. While learning, students will experience a splendidly interactive atmosphere that brings students together from across the world. The study environment in France is amazing for Indian students.

Universities organize shows, sporting events, hold conferences, seminars, and parties and different outside activities as a part of the students’ lifestyle. All of the activities planned by institutions and universities provide lots of fun for you. You’ll notice a full variety of sports and sporting events offered at the colleges in France together with track and field, cricket, rugby, baseball, football, basketball, and plenty of others. Your education tenure in the college will be full of fun all year.

There are several museums and galleries in France displaying everything from history, science, and modern art to heritage that you simply would see regardless of wherever you’re attending university in France. Several of those are accessible at no cost in the least, which is actually a bonus to a student.

There will be many tests and exams given while you’re studying in France which are designed to make sure that you simply are learning all of the knowledge that’s being instructed to you. It’s essential that you simply understand this stuff to make your career. Be ready to take these tests. It’s safe to mention that when things start you’ll have some form of test or examination weekly with a minimum of one in all your classes, and generally even more than that.

While studying in France, you are eligible to work for 20 hours per week. The work may include a job related to your course like an unofficial internship or any other work. After your graduation, you can apply for a work permit to extend your stay there and gain an experience of job for up to 2 years.

In recent years by the efforts of both Indian and French Government, Study in France for Indian Students has been made a lot easier. If you want to know anything about the admission and migration procedure for France, contact ISA Migrations.