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The Beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls of Morocco.

Vaibhav Rai

April 05, 2020 11:46 PM

the last thing that arises to mind whenever people think about Morocco, the beautiful Waterfalls, so that’s why other voyagers were surprised when they found some of the most amazing waterfalls in the small town of Ouzoud, situated mere two hours away from Marrakech. According to many, those waterfalls are beyond theawesome and must-visit place in cheap holidays to morocco.

Before the journey initiating, many visitorsprefers to bookHonest tour agents in Morocco and basically, the fact that every single other person tangled in the tourism industry and it'sobviously hard to find since all of them will often lie and make blankpossibilities in order to earn your money. In fact, gaining a fair price is near to difficult since each one will try to split you off and it is up to you to cut-rate the price down.

The usual asking price for a one day tour to the Ouzoud waterfalls is 350 DH (35 Euros) but you can most probably bring it down the more rational price of 150DH. Be cautionednevertheless that the lunch and the guide’s fee (30 DH) are never involved no matter what the agent/hotel might tell you.morocco holiday packages.

Your group will be approached by a guide that will take you on a one-hour journey from the top to the bottom of the waterfalls, As soon as you reach the parking area of Ouzoud. The trip is very picturesque as you will see the waterfalls from many dissimilar angles. And of course, there is a compulsory stop at a gift shop where the guide will get a charge from every item you buy.

Inside the gift shop, you can buy old-fashioned Berber cosmetics (including a green lipstick!) as well as amassage oil, spices, honey and much more stuff you can take home. You can also get free bread to taste the spice sauces in case you didn’t get the casual to eat breakfast!

You will find in the way more monkeys that would love to befriend you (as long as you give them a piece of bread)before you reach the top. If serving monkeys is your thing, evoke to fold some bread from the restaurant in order to give it to this shaggy fellow over here.

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The falls of Ouzoud, which is a Berber name meaning “the process of crushing grains,” fib in a beautiful and friendly insignificant village. The falls provide peoples with fabulous views and strenuous, rewarding experiences for hikers in holidays with cheap morocco holiday packages.Enjoy the beautiful and adventure tour in morocco small villages where many waterfalls exist like Ouzoud.