The Simplicity, Reliability, And Flexibility of Table Top Conveyors

Vaibhav Rai

January 06, 2019 04:00 PM

A table top conveyor is a table top machine that typically uses a hinged metal or plastic plate to move the product from one place to the other. These machines provide a very stable conveyance when compared to roller conveyors or belt conveyors. Also, this is the most commonly used type of conveyor system. When it comes to changing the location of a product from one place to the other, nothing makes it simpler than using efficient table top conveyors.

Table Top Conveyor

Table top conveyors are created by combining a series of links that look very similar to a bike chain. These slats are then moved along the path that is created by wear strips. These strips are usually made of oil, saturated with wood, or with a unique type of polyethylene. In addition to this, the strips are held in its position with the help of a metal frame, which in turn is either supported with the help of the floor on which the legs are placed or it is suspended right from the ceiling with the help of drop down hangers.


The simplicity of the design of the table top makes the entire process of using table top conveyors simple. One more advantage of this is that it can be used across different appliances. Also, it can be used at multiple lines on a large set of frames to create extra space or a single flier. The specialized variations of the table top chain can be used in other manipulation devices like helical twists and grippers.


Table top conveyors can usually be used to transport different sizes of cans, jars, bottles, plastic containers, cartons, and empty case pouches, The flexibility of these conveyors can be seen in the areas where they are used. They can either be used in very clean room conditions and also at the same time in a very rough and tough environment. Most of the table top conveyors can be used for a variety of applications like transporting, diverting, merging, or accumulating products, and can even sometimes be used to accommodate a deep variety of processing operations like product filling, labeling, weighing, food QA or production inspection. The other benefits of table top conveyors are-



  • They are usually manufactured using stainless and mild steel. Hence, they are highly resistant to corrosion and fracture.
  • This is the most cost-effective conveyor profile that is available in the market.
  • It has a wide variety of plastic and metal accumulation belts.
  • This is an ideal system for moving bottle, juice cans, and other products that are roundly shaped.

Table Top Conveyors

Table top conveyors That Are Extruded from The Top


This type of table top conveyors has become a standard in the market because of their simple and flexible designs. They are usually designed in such a way that they are completely modular and can provide maximum layout capability with the help of minimal components.


This type of table top conveyors works well with Simpli-Flex® 63/83/140 and Simpli-Flex® HD (3.25”) plastic chains. The areas where these conveyor systems have been used are


  • Personal Care Product Conveying
  • Chemical Product Conveying
  • Automotive Product Conveying
  • Pharmaceutical Product Conveying
  • Food Product Conveying
  • Beverage Conveying
  • Machined Part Conveying
  • Optical Conveying
  • Electronics Conveying


With the evolution of technology, there are companies that sell table top conveyors on online portals. This has made the process of acquiring a table top conveyor rather easy. Some client organizations prefer to purchase a table conveyor while other small companies prefer to rent out a conveyor for small timeframe.