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Top Five Incredible Power Bank.

Vaibhav Rai

December 27, 2018 05:54 PM

In the current market, smart phone manufacturers have grown exponentially and with their new technology and innovation growth have followed. But through all these technological advancements big smart phone companies have fallen behind in one particular sector, the battery. This gave rise to a new product called the power bank, a portable battery charging unit that is rechargeable and ensures your smart device never runs out of juice.


These devices have proved to be helpful over and over again among smart phone users. Hence the demand for power banks has never been higher. Here are the five best power banks that will help you ensure your smart phone device battery lasts for a long time:


  1. Mophie Power-station Plus XL 10000 mAh


This new product specifically designed for Apple iPhones and IPads is loaded with a 10000 mAh battery. This power bank has a soft fabric finish and is capable of charging two devices at the same time. One charging port has an integrated lighting charger and the other has a 10W USB type A port.

This power-station Plus XL has a special lightning cable that ensures a fast charge in a limited time. You can charge the device through a normal charging port or through wireless charging just like the iPhone 8.



  • The power bank has a capacity of 10000 mAh.
  • It has a fabric finish that makes it luxurious to hold and use.
  • The device features a special lighting cable that is faster than regular charging cables.



  • The Integrated Lighting Cable that comes with the device ensures fast charging of any smart phone.
  • Its slim Fabric Design makes it comfortable to use and carry around.
  • The Mophie power bank supports fast and wireless charging.



  • This power bank is most effective for Apple products like iPhones and iPads.
  • Both charging ports do not charge at the same speed.


Price:  The sales price of the power bank is ₹4000 but customers can now use the Snapdeal Coupouns to avail of incredible offers and discounts on their purchases.


  1. Xiaomi 10000 mAh power bank


This may not be the fastest power bank on the market but, this 10000 mAh power bank can charge a device from 0 to 100% full charge in under two hours. Xiaomi has come forth with the latest technology in the portable charger sector. This 10000 mAh power bank has the capacity to charge any smart phone device or tablet.

This power bank does have a rather unique feature, it comes with a micro USB and a USB type C port that both work effectively with the same cable. With its sleek design and comfortable feel, this power bank is a treat to carry around despite its unusually bulky body.



  • The Xiaomi power bank packs a charging capacity of up to 10000 mAh.
  • The device features two USB ports allowing you to charge multiple smartphones at once.



  • It comes with a new stylish metal design making it a treat to look at and comfortable to hold.
  • The Xiaomi power bank now works with micro USB and USB type C devices, a feature that is not available on most power banks.



  • This device is rather heavier than its competitors, resulting in making it somewhat tiresome to always carry around
  • There are a better power banks at this price range.


Price: The Xiaomi power pack is available for a massively discounted price of ₹900 on Snapdeal. But using the Snapdeal coupons users can also avail of certain cashback offers on the purchase of this product.


  1. Anker PowerCore II 10000 mAh Power Bank


The Anker Power Core power bank is one of the most effective power banks available on Snapdeal. It allows you to have at least two full charges of your smart phone or tablet.

Despite being slim and petite it still packs a massive 10000 mAh battery that has plenty of power to charge multiple devices.



  • Given that this little device is only 1.5 cm thick and weighs 209 g, it makes it easy to carry around.
  • It also comes with Anker’s new fast charging technology that means you don’t need to be too patient for your smart phone device to charge.
  • The PowerCore power bank holds a maximum battery capacity of 10000 mAh.




  • In addition to its sleek feel, the device features a slim design that makes comfortable for you to carry around.
  • For its price and size, this power bank packs one of the biggest batteries on the market.



  • Unlike other portable charging devices, this product does not come with cables. Users are required to purchase charging cables separately.
  • The power bank has a capacity of just 10000 mAh despite its high price.


Price: This power bank is available for the discounted price of ₹2100. But using the Snapdeal coupons you can avail of further discounts and cashback offers.


  1. Cygnett Chargeup Pro


Cygnett has significantly bolstered its power bank products. It now comes with a USB type C along with a new Power Delivery Support. This means that the standard 45W output is enough to charge a laptop.

In addition to which you also get two USB type A ports that support quick charge 3.0.

It comes with a soft touch finish in black or teal along with rounded corners and a glossy plastic back. This devices comes with a massive 20000 mAh capacity and takes around 6 hours to arrive at a full charge. Despite its longer charging period, the power bank can charge a laptop once, a tablet a couple of time or a smartphone several times over.



  • The power bank features three USB ports, a USB type C and a couple of USB type A ports.
  • Its maximum battery capacity is 20000 mAh.
  • It supports quick charge 3.0, which means you can now charge multiple devices to full charge from scratch.



  • The power bank supports three ports with different charging capacities: 45W, 18W and 10.5W.
  • The Cygnett Pro comes with the quick charge 3.0 most commonly found in the Apple IPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


  • Despite all the features its loaded with this power bank is quite expensive and may be too costly for an average buyer.
  • All these features come at a physical cost to the device as it weighs as much as 450 g making it heavier and more uncomfortable to carry around.


Price: It is on the rather expensive side costing ₹5000 but it’s totally worth it when you compare it with its battery capacity and charging features. So while purchasing this power bank use Snapdeal coupons to avail of additional discounts and offers.


  1. RavPower HyperAir Wireless Portable Charger


This device is like no other. The RavPower HyperAir power bank is one of the best portable chargers around. With an added benefit of wireless charging, this device is ideal for users.

Despite the 10400 mAh battery users won’t experience the best performance with the wireless charging but it is a lot easier than constantly plugging in and carrying a cable with you at all times.



  • The RavPower power bank comes with a 10400 mAh battery capacity which means it can charge your Galaxy smart phones twice or an iPhone 8 four times via the USB port.
  • Unlike regular portable chargers this device has the added benefit of wireless charging.
  • The power bank can be used to recharge any smartphone device through its USB slot but is specifically designed to give its maximum output to Samsung Galaxy smart phones like the S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9


Price: The RavPower HyperAir power bank and its world class features come with a substantial ₹6000 price tag, but do not worry as you can use Snapdeal coupons to avail of discount offers and cashback opportunities.



  • Very few power banks come with wireless charging technology.
  • The wireless charging feature creates a hassle free environment for mobile charging due to the lack of wires and cables required.



  • Wireless charging takes longer than a regular charge on this power bank.
  • The wireless charging works on select smart phone devices that support the feature.


Price: The RavPower HyperAir power bank and its world class features come with a substantial ₹6000 price tag, but do not worry as you can use Snapdeal coupons to avail of discount offers and cashback opportunities.

Conclusion : 

The need for longer and more efficient battery life for smart phones and tablets is more important than ever before. So before you buy a portable charging device always check the features and specifications of the product. Always ensure it comes with the type of USB that matches the requirements of your smart phones. Also look into additional charging cables, cases and covers; and ensure that they are compatible with your smart phone device and power bank.

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